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Snorkeling in Cancun
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Snorkeling in Cozumel from Cancun

Blvd Kukulcan Km 5

Cancun Hotel Zone

(998) 849 7508
Xcaret Kukulcan Blvd. km. 2.5, Hotel Zone
Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico.
(998)881 24 00
Fax  881 24 24
Solo Buceo

Inside Hotel Camino Real

Blvd Kukulcan Punta Cancun

(998) 848 7070

Snorkeling is an easy way to see the underwater sights; you donít need a lot of equipment or training. There are a number of excellent snorkeling trips offered in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya coast. Favorite spots include Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Xel-hŠ and Akumal. Snorkeling tours should provide you with good quality mask, fins and lifejacket. 

To make sure your mask will be airtight hold it on your face, breathe in and take your hands away. The mask should stay on your face. To clean your mask and avoid fogging, spit into it the plastic eyepiece, rub the salvia around and then rinse with ocean water. When putting the mask on, move all hair away from your face. The snorkel piece should feel comfortable in your mouth and the fins should slip on easily not putting pressure anywhere on your foot. 

Since you canít wear any sun block while snorkeling (itís toxic to all marine life) remember to wear a t-shirt to protect your back and behind. You can get a nasty burn in a very short time from the sun reflecting off the water. Shiny objects such as jewelry and watches can attract the curious barracuda so itís best to leave them off. Avoid standing or sitting on the coral reef Ė itís very delicate and once broken takes years to grow back. Never take anything from the ocean and donít feed the marine life. If you plan to take photos with an underwater camera make sure itís secured onto you so it doesnít end up at the bottom of the reef. Your snorkeling guide will offer you some other tips to help make the whole experience go smoothly and will stay with your during the tour pointing out interesting sights on the reef. Most tours include transportation, lunch and drinks. 

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