Interval Ownership or Timeshare Terms and What They Mean

Right to Use The most popular form of real estate investment in Cancún is Interval Ownership or Timeshare. A common form of this type of ownership is a right to use. This is where you purchase the right to use a certain amount of time per year in a resort. With this system, you must make reservations in advance for the week in which you wish to travel. 

Points Another type of Interval Ownership is the "Points" system, in which you pay for a certain number of points per year. The type of accommodations you are eligible to reserve in your home resort depends on the number of points you have purchased. In most clubs with this system, you can "bank" your points for several years, allowing you to reserve better accommodations than with your normal points allotment. 

Fixed Time A secure and uncomplicated form of Interval Ownership is the Fixed Time system. Under this system, you purchase a specific unit for a specific week of the year. This unit is your unit in that particular week every year. But, you are  not necessarily locked into that week or unit. Through exchange companies, or companies that specialize in exchanging interval ownership weeks internationally, you can travel to many exotic locations, or even back into your own resort at a different time of year from that which you own.

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