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The Nightlife in Cancun has so many choices, the here you can play all night... the rest all day.

Welcome to Mexico. One of the first Spanish words you’ll probably learn here is fiesta-- and for good reason.  In Cancun, partying takes precedence over just about everything. This is a resort city that never sleeps, which means your hotel room is just about the last place you want to be at night.

 Nightlife in Cancun runs from the romantic to the outrageous; few people can resist its glamour, spontaneity and splash, which is why this island is anything but deserted when the sun goes down.

 So to help you live it up like a tourist and to get around like a Cancunense (a term used to describe locals), we’re going to teach you the lingo and the latest in this city’s relentless, never-ending nightlife.

Hard Rock Cafe - Cancun Just outside your hotel lies a sparkling 22-kilometer (14mi.) stretch of pulsating clubs, Caribbean extravaganzas and live music bars. But perhaps the best place to begin your nocturnal adventure is right at your own hotel.

 Margarita and cervesa (beer) are useful words to learn before you start off your evening.  Both are served up during hotel happy hours-usually between 5 and 7 p.m.  One can witness a spectacular sunset while sipping frozen tropical drink specials or puffing a fine Cuban cigar.  Most resort hotels offer live lobby music ranging from rock to salsa.  The rhythm of the evening sets in as the balmy breeze blows and a canopy of stars fill the night sky.

 Live Music and ShowsBulldog's Cafe - Cancun

 Cancun is a musical hub in the Mexican Caribbean.  One can find talented musicians who play everything from meringue and salsa to flamenco. Some of the finest Cuban musicians and dancers are featured at various clubs, bars and restaurants.  Throughout the year the city plays host to various outdoor concerts and music festivals such as the annual Jazz festival, which is held each May.

 The Club Scene

 Cancun will dazzle you with its trendy, high-energy club scene.  Multi-million-dollar discos line the hotel Zone like glittering stars.  Their ultra-modern, even garish architecture is enough to stop traffic, as are their long lines. The inside of these discos is just as mind boggling, with great special effects, laser shows and multi-level dance floors, where people discover the late night pulse of the city.  From rock to reggae, to salsa and techno jam, you’ll find all types of music playing in the discos.  For those who like to have a drink and just watch, many clubs are subdivided into sections with live music bars on one side and dance floors on the other.

 The Bar Scene

 Cancun bars move to a different beat offering live music and usually ySenor Frog's - Cancunou will find smaller crowds.  Keep in mind that downtown bars are more provincial and cater mainly to the locals rather than the tourists.  It’s in downtown that you can find real Mexican cantinas with laid back atmospheres and complimentary botanas (snacks) as well as a variety of bar-restaurants.

 Several bars in the Hotel Zone offer quite the opposite experience.  Leave your inhibitions at the door and be prepared to be part of the show.  The MCs bring out the wild side in everyone with zany contests, drinking competitions, non-stop dancing and live bands.

 Written by Karen Leblanc for Cancun Tips

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