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Sept 1: State of the Union Address. The President gives a lengthy speech in the evening about how the country is doing. No liquor is served until after the four to five hour speech is finished. By then everyone is ready for a beer. 

Sept. 14-28: Fiesta de San Román (Feast of Saint Roman) is a famous holiday, attracting 50,000 people to Campeche to view the procession carrying the Black Christ of San Román -- the city's sacred patron saint---through the streets.

September 15-16: Patria de la Independencia (Independence Day). The famous historic speech, known as the grito (shout), by Independence leader Padre Miguel Hidalgo, is reenacted in every village throughout Mexico. At midnight the people of the town gather in the square to ring the bell of freedom and shout "Viva Mexico" over and over. A dance and celebration into the wee hours follows. 

Mid to late September International Nocturnal Marathon. A national marathon that takes places in the afternoon and continues late into the night. 

October 12: Día de la Raza, (Race Day), commemorates the arrival of Columbus in the New World and the founding of the modern Mexican race. 

Second week in October: The Isla Mujeres International Music Festival. The whole island comes alive with music and dance as performers come from around the world to participate in this 12-day event. 

November 1-2: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). On All Saint's Day, Mexicans across the country visit the graves of loved ones, decorating the headstones with marigold wreaths and leaving offerings of food and tequila. Often families share a meal with their dearly departed by having a graveside picnic which turns into an all night fiesta. Shops sell skulls pastries and candies to be eaten on the picnic. 

November 10 -15: International Caribbean Cultural Festival. Hosted by the state of Quintana Roo, this cultural festival has Cancun and other regional cities hosting a series of events. Performers come from all over parts of the Caribbean to participate in this annual event of poetry, dance and song. The real draw is the variety of salsa music; all the major salsa groups throughout the Caribbean come to perform. 

November 20: Día de la Revolución, (Revolution Day). The 1910 Revolution is remembered as an official holiday. Banks, stores, offices and schools are closed. 

Month of December: The Cancun Fair has the flavor of a small town fiesta with its rides, booths selling wares from all over the country, entertainment and food. It's an extremely popular event with locals who have left their small villages for the bright lights of Cancun. 

Early December: The Most Beautiful Marathon in the World. An international running event put on by the city of Cancun. The route goes starts off at the Hotel Zone, goes through downtown and ends up back in the Hotel Zone. For more information contact the Mexico City office at 52/5574--1065 or the U.S. office at 813/985--5050.

Dec 3 to 9: Fiesta de la Concepción Immaculate (Festival of the Immaculate Conception) is observed for six days throughout the villages of Quintana Roo with processions, folkloric music and dance, fireworks, and bullfights. 

Dec. 12: Fiesta de nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe) is one of the most significant religious holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. Devoted pilgrims journey to the Basilica of the Madonna of Guadalupe in Mexico City and return home via bicycles or on foot. Their arrival is timed to coincide with the midnight mass and the ringing of the church bells. Those who don't make the pilgrimage participate in a procession through town carrying the statue of Guadalupe. A dance and carnival is held after mass. 

Dec. 16-25: Navidad (Christmas Week). Throughout the Yucatán, Christmas is celebrated with processions and mass. Children go door to door singing Christmas songs and asking for donations. The most important day of the Christmas season is December 24, known as Nochebuena (Holy Night), when families gather to eat a traditional midnight dinner. No gift giving is done at this time. 

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